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Hello Windows (Windows XP Startup Remix)

All of the sounds I would normally find irritating, now put together in a beautiful melody.

This song should be really pretty, but for the pure fact that I now what each and everyone one of these sounds means and that most of them are negative things happening to my computer is putting a very negative spin on a beautiful melody.

I don’t know how to feel.

Half of me is like “Oh wow how magical and pretty”

And the other half is just cringing.

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One of my favorite songs of all time.
One of my favorite bands of all time.

One of my favorite songs of all time.

One of my favorite bands of all time.

  • The Perfect Scene
The Perfect Scene by Mercy Mercedes
Believe It


Mercy Mercedes - The Perfect Scene

(EP Version)

“Well, it’s on my mind.  I’m headin back in time, and when I think of all the songs we used to play, and then I think of you and it’s all right…”

I love this song and the fact that once upon a time ago they played at Croc Rock and my friends and I ended up hanging with them outside and throwing skittles in each others’ mouths.

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Some snippets.

Just a few snippets from some poems I’ve written (they don’t all go together hence why I seperated them by bolding and italicizing):

Listen closely, I will whisper

I hate to lie.

But honestly, honesty

tends to slip by.

You waited until the end

for me to tell you about this part.

That jealolusy is a disease

that kills the heart.

This is the letter I never sent

telling you that your silence

is something I will not accept.

I’ve got a secret to tell you,

it’s not healthy how I found you.

I crawled inside the darkness

and used you as my escape.

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