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I'm Julie. I'm a writer, gamer, and music addict. This is a music blog where I post pictures of Mayday Parade as well as The Maine, Breathe Carolina, All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens, and Taking Back Sunday, but you'll see some other artists pop up as well from time to time. Generally, I post pop punk bands. Sometimes I just share little slices of my life. But mostly what you'll find here is just some random ramblings of a manic mind.
Sincerely, Me.
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This is the best day ever…

Emily just bought me 85% Lindt Dark Chocolate. I’m proposing. I love her.

Oh and we planned out everything we’re getting The Maine when we see them in December, they’re only going to love us after all the shit we’re getting/making them. We’re only going to be best friends forever.

This is going to be us and The Maine:


After talking to a friend I am feeling much better and a tad bit embarassed that I actually started crying. So here’s some awesome stuff, like a cat with a top hat!


That really awesome drink I want: